Panasonic Plus Partner Plans

Panasonic Plus Eliminates Technology's Greatest Risks

Technology is advancing at a pace never before seen in the industry, increasing the importance of programs that help customers protect their technology investment. Panasonic Plus eliminates the two greatest risks associated with technology that customers experience--obsolescence and the unknown cost of owning technology.

All Partner Plan members receive the following services:
Priority scheduling for all service requests.
Travel Charge is waived for an on-site service call.
Remote programming and telephone support.
Discounts on all new hardware and labor in conjunction with system expansions or upgrades.
Extended warranty on all hardware currently in production.
Partner Plans are performance agreements. We will earn your loyalty with service excellence.

Our clients tell us the Partner Plans help them with:
Planned budgeted expenses; allows for a single monthly expense item in your budget.
Remote programming; provides a quicker response to programming requests.
Extended warranty; provides peace of mind.
New employee updates; helps new employees integrate more quickly.
Preventative maintenance; extends equipment life and serviceability.
Saves staff time; simply have a designated employee call for service.
Un-scheduled service calls are less expensive; helps stay within the budget.
Discounted pricing; helps reduce the cost of system and facility.